One Step Forward

I was so getting back on track.  My miles were up last week and (almost) all seemed right in my little world.  Yeah.  One step forward, two steps back.
I’m sure you can all guess where this is going.  Another light mileage week.  Geez.  This is nothing like last year.  Of course, I only have myself to blame.  I chose to get some new ink on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful day too.  I could have squeezed out 40 before dark if I had ridden.  I didn’t.  So, my riding week didn’t even get started till Wednesday.
That’s when I met up with Jacob and Shawn for some afternoon Britt and John’s Peak trail action.  While it’s always awesome to hang with my two best buds, the mountain biking just isn’t getting me closer to my goals.  I know.  Shut up, Aaron.  Have fun.  We did.  Jacob proved to be quite adept at riding Ol’ Miner’s backwards while giving directions to a late comer via “Talk To Text”.  Aside from that, not much excitement.
1 Wednesday Unreal Cycles
Thursday was another gorgeous day and I hopped on Peter’s road ready ‘cross bike once again for a quick 18 miles before rushing to yoga class.
2 Barn Unreal Cycles
I gotta give a shout out to Soul Shine Yoga in Medford.  While I’m sure I’m not practicing often enough, Amanda has me feeling all limber and relaxed after every class.  The best part is I am feeling the benefits on the bike.  I haven’t come close to cramping once since I started.  Namaste!
I was ready to put my new found bad self to the test at the first Time Trial of the year Saturday morning.  We still haven’t been able to get the new road bike finished so I was back on Peter’s cx bike.  Hey.  I wanted to race, alright?
3 Start Unreal Cycles
My aspirations of a course record (joke) were quickly dashed, however, as I flatted just two miles into the race.  After a mile and a half of walking in road bike shoes (not fun) and a half mile ride from shop mechanic, Sean, I was back at the start/finish.
No biggie.  I had planned on looking for some gravel roads to ride after the race so I had brought my gravel bike with me.  Thinking ahead pays off!
4 Paru Unreal Cycles
Having not spent much energy in the race, I pushed myself harder than normal up to the top of Ramsey Road before turning back and reaching the car just as the heavy rain hit.
5 Ramsey Unreal Cycles
I was ready for a little adventure by Sunday and found myself, once again, riding with Jacob.  We decided to take out the Mtb’s and do some exploring on some of the roads branching off Forest Creek Road.  We had to stop and get a couple pics at a small pond we discovered a couple years ago.
There’s stories of Sasquatch hanging out in the region, but we only found a couple dorky guys pretending to be 12 years old instead.
6 Samsquantch Unreal Cycles
7 Dork Unreal Cycles
It was a pretty successful expedition overall.  We got some good climbing in.
8 Jacob Unreal Cycles
9 Timber Unreal Cycles
And, we found a few new trails / roads to explore on another day when there isn’t a storm rolling in.
10 Yeehaw Unreal Cycles
The biggest setback of the day was when we got to our planned point of descent from the top of John’s Peak and found that some mean ol’ road builder guys had done their best to hide the trailhead.
Lucky for us we don’t care about stuff like that.
11 Cluster Unreal Cycles
We eventually made it back down to Jacksonville and managed to avoid the next wave of rain that blew in right behind us.
I have made a vow to put up a bigger mile number this next week.  I feel pretty confident I can beat the 99.5 miles from last week.  If not, I may just take up running….. Hmm… Probably not.

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