Welcome Aboard Sean Fairbairn

First I want to thank Unreal Cycles for having me aboard. I’ve been riding bikes since before I can remember. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I picked up the sport of Mountain cycling. If your a local here to Southern Oregon you may have met me. I’m usually the loud one in the shuttle van. Cracking as many jokes as I do beers. I’m a father of two and have a full time job that doesn’t involve cycling. God bless my wife for putting up with my addiction.

Mark got me into Cyclo cross racing this past fall
Mark got me into Cyclo cross racing this past fall

All formalities out of the way I want this blog to be useful to you. Ask me what I think about bikes and our local trail conditions. Let me know if you want a trail report on a place you can visit from a Southern Oregon point of view. And most of all I want to give you a place where you can see your local trails and riders are the features of what you read.

Mark Harris and Gary Saur keeping me company
Mark Harris and Gary Saur keeping me company

When it comes to equipment I’m not terribly picky. I started humbly on bikes I pieced together from craigslist. Now I”m riding on equipment that is considered desirable. Don’t get me wrong though any day on two wheels is better than a day with no wheels. So if you want email me your questions about bikes. I can answer that from an honest point of view.

2015 Mt. Ashland Challenge
Racing always makes a good excuse to try new things
2015 Ashland Mt Challange

From children’s bikes skinny tired stuff and actual long travel assault machines there’s nothing i wont try at least once.

Mt Ashland's First Kid bike Challenge Thanks PBR crew
Mt Ashland’s First Kid bike Challenge
Thanks PBR crew

Over the last three years I’ve been trying my hand at racing, but what I find to be the best part of riding is getting around Oregon riding bikes drinking beer and hanging out with friends and family.

2016 Santa Cruz Bronson C
2016 Santa Cruz Bronson C custom build. Now I’ve got even more to
smile about

Now that I’ve had some good times over the last year I had to take a hiatus from cycling to better myself thru the miracle of surgery. Long story short I had suffered a hernia and gained 30 lbs. But hey just like this blog I’m onto new beginnings and want to bring you some of the best cycling Oregon has to offer.

Yeah this was the start to a 8 week recovery. Smile while you can I say.

But Hey now that I’ve recoverd and have a whole new body +30lbs. I’ve also gotten a new bike to go with it. So expect some good stories, good times, and please send me your questions.

You can send your questions to sean.fairbairn.ase@gmail.com

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