Why I Love The Group Ride

Riding mountain bikes is a visceral thing. It gets you excited reward you with fitness and challenges you at every turn. Often Solo rides are a great at cleansing the soul and providing solitude not often felt at work or even in our daily lives filled with adult responsibilities. But it’s the group ride where many fruits of the solo ride are enjoyed.

Solo Ride
Typical solo ride #lonewolf

Enter the group ride. Typically, in a group ride you will find yourself challenging other riders. Keeping a tempo that on a normal solo ride you might consider uncomfortable but because there may be bragging rights or even the stoke of having similar company turns your ride into a maximum effort.



Group Ride Unreal Cycles
The experience of the group ride will leave smiles on your face


Santa Cruz Hightower
Sometimes the hardest part of a ride is the climb up. But with friends you find the proper motivation. Heck you even learn to enjoy the climb

Another aspect to the group ride over the solo ride is the conversation. Typically, on the solo ride all you have are your thoughts heartbeat and the bike beneath you communicating all the intricacy of the trial and situation. But in the group ride you can enjoy the company of others. There’s nothing quite like running full tilt in a train of 4 to 5 guys all schlepping the same berm. Hitting the same double and even working for the competitive pass. Or even hearing the occasional less yappin more brappin


Group Ride Fuzzies Unreal Cycles
Group rides big or small always give me a warm fuzzy feeling. Thanks Ashland Mt Adventurers

Lately I’ve been doing more of the solo ride but when opportunity knocks I’ll never pass up a group ride. Cause these guys never know when to quit.

The usual suspects
The usual suspects
Peter enjoying the goods
Peter enjoying the goods


What Group Ride isn't complete without Beer.
What Group Ride isn’t complete without Beer.

So whenever you feel like your in a slump, or that your riding is becoming too routine or dare i even say boring. Give the group ride a chance. You typically meet new people with a similar interest.

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