Santa Cruz Demo Day

The high of 100-degrees on Sunday didn’t keep about 30 people from coming out to Forest Park in Jacksonville for the Santa Cruz demo day. That’s right, 100 frickin degrees. To add to the discomfort, the pedal up to the trails includes a steep, dusty, dirt road experience with little in the way of shade. Kinda sounds hellish, right? I’m not going to lie, I was dying. But, like everyone else out there, I REALLY, REALLY wanted to check out some new bikes – heat stroke or not.

Santa Cruz Demo Day Unreal Cycles

A friend and I were able to quickly grab a couple 5010 CC’s and off we went. Wow, this thing pedaled with ease, and I was totally surprised how supple and buttery the suspension felt for a shorter travel bike. Smooth, nimble, playful and just fun (ugh, I hate when I want another bike). I totally forgot about the heat when I was descending, only for a brutal reminder when I headed back up. But hey, everyone else was doing it. A hearty bunch we Southern Oregonians must be when high-end bike sampling is involved. And this wasn’t just about riding bikes in hot weather. The average local shop bike demo this was not, at least in my experience. There were chilled orange slices under a large shade tent, a photographer, and not even kidding…a damn massage therapist for anyone’s tired legs that so desired. A bit of luxury for the weary. After a few laps I looked like I stepped out of the shower, but I certainly didn’t smell like it. Wringing out your socks is a sure sign of a good time, FYI. Ice cold margaritas, anyone?


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