Whats Wonderful about Winter?

The Depression

At the start of every winter as the tacky fall dirt turns to white slick snow I begin to fall away from happiness and the two wheeled bliss that I crave so much. It’s too cold, wet and takes too much time to prepare. Effectively cutting my riding time and degrading my psychological state with it.

Oh how I miss summer
The Cure

But Fear not for there are lower elevations and trail systems which dry out from time to time offering reprieve from the white stuff. This is a tale of MOTR, or better know as Mountain of the Rogue.  It’s not long, but this trail system is about quality not  quantity.  It offers a challenging climb to the top with a big flowy smile for the ride down. Just what I need to kick the winter blues.

The face of a man who realizes the riding season has gone by too soon.


With Any great weekend ride it helps to have company. I was in luck as there had been a local contingent of RVMBA or Rogue Valley Mountain Bike Association Members and friends hitting this local spot.

Pre Ride Shenanigans

After being stoked at the start and discussing the usual bike stuff. Coil vs air, have you seen plus tires, and I’m still fat. We got to the riding but not without a little trail work first.


Trail work without tools, yeah pushing this dead-fall to the side with root wad intact will be fun

The Climb
I don’t do a lot of pictures while climbing because well… I’m climbing. While MOTR has been built with mountain bikers in mind this trial system offers a fun climb that weaves its way up the hill with  big forgiving switchbacks and proper undulation going from pleasant to steep. With connectors to the tops of the various green, blue and black trails as you progress up the mountain.

Not a problem for these two, triumphant over the tree that once blocked the trail.

The Decent

MOTR gives good views for those that want to smell the pines.
After about an hour of climbing we come to my favorite part of mountain biking. The decent. MOTR has a good one, it starts at the top with a flowing black that will make you pucker at the drop on the downhill side with technical features to challenge you. Then flows into a blue section that while less of a drop off still offers technical challenges with rock gardens and switchback turns. Leaving the most flow for last, green. Which has the largest margin of safety but also the most table tops and roller doubles of the three.

Michael Page turning it in and showing us all how towing a full size pack can actually look good

Kyle Ammirata Flowing the single pivot and showing that proven designs are still relevant today,.

And here’s my ugly mug determined to show these two how to properly lean in. I swear in my mind I was gonna put the barend into the apex of the turn.
Tabletops Anyone?

Mike Page going with the fast and low.

Kyle giving a good start to a whip whilst i missed the shot.

And the dead sailor award goes to me. Kids this is not how to jump your bike. Still fun though. I’ll get em next time.
Until Next Time
So that’s one trail I use to ward off the winter blues when its dry. Its good to know that here in the valley we have good trails and good people. You just have to take advantage of good conditions when they come and never stop riding. Thanks for stopping by and maybe I’ll see you out there.

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