My catchy little hashtag you’ll see on rides and runs I do that are maybe a little less desirable on conditions or ride “quality” than the norm. I read an amazing little story about a man who had 2 dogs that were his most reliable riding buddies. Rain, sleet, snow, cold… His trail dogs were the only friends that had 100% perfect attendance for every ride he did. He called them “Team No Excuses”.

I feel like it’s a good embodiment of the flavors of riding I do. Yeah, an AMA shuttle in 70* sunny spring conditions with early season, yet-to-be-squidded hero dirt, a perfectly dialed bike, and picking only the cleanest and smoothest lines is ideal; of course. But that’s not going to be every ride. And if you don’t suffer now and again, you can never truly appreciate the best days.

#TeamNoExcuses doesn’t mean you have to go riding in 35* pouring rain, pedaling uphill through soggy slow DG and have a muddy shitshow of a downhill ride. Though if you do, you’ve earned the hashtag for the day, and I’ve definitely pegged a few of those days in recent months. 19* pedaling up Halls of Manzanita twice and flatting right in the fun section of Granite? Damn, that one stung a little bit.

#TeamNoExcuses is more of the mindset you have to maintain in the off months, or on your off days. You wake up a little sore from working too much yesterday. You look out the window… Foggy and cold AGAIN. You forgot to wash your Goretex outer shell and it smells like death warmed over. Back to bed? Hell no. Get out there and ride. If you race, your competition falls behind with every crappy ride you endure. If you’re out of shape, it’s one more sufferfest pushing you to where you want to be. If you have undiagnosed masochistic tendencies where you simply have to ride in the worst possible conditions because the voices in your head tell you to and you get gratification from useless internet points you get when you post up your ride? Welcome to my world.

40 degrees with mixed rain and snow on Sunday. I’ll be pedaling 52 miles of#TeamNoExcuses.

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