Exclusive: The Return of the Trusty Chameleon …

Last week we were fortunate enough to go to the Santa Cruz Bicycles mother ship for a factory tour.

Whilst being shown the assembly line and packing area the group were exclusively introduced to the latest addition to the 2017 line up, the all new Chameleon Plus bike.

Last time out the Chameleon was simply a 27.5 alloy hardtail, all that has now changed with the ability to route a stealth dropper post, and the addition of Plus size wheels.  This is now the platform for a bike that is at home not only on dirt, but also on pavement as an adventure backpacker or a winter snow slayer.

2017 Chameleon

While no one was looking we managed to get one of these beauties tucked away inside the Unrealcycles Sprinter.

The trip home was spent looking in the rear view mirror to see if the Santa Cruz police were in hot pursuit.

Next issue, California / Oregon border check.

Good morning sir, anything to declare?  The border guys asks.

All sorts of things going through my head ” Yes we have the only 2017 Santa Cruz Chameleon out of the factory, its an exclusive product which isn’t due for launch till mid March, but I can’t tell you about it …..”

“Absolutely nothing to declare” comes the reply ….

Safe through that its back to the shop but then what?

Can’t tell anyone what we have, its just a brown box with something special inside.

A few teasers on social media

Can’t wait any longer …

Cameleon Plus

A little about this new version of the trusty classic hardtail.

Two versions will be available, a D spec and an R spec, both feature 1×11 speed drive train, boost spacing and plus wheels

A very cool feature from those clever R&D folks at Santa Cruz will be the availability of multiple drops for this bike making geared or single speed built options easy.  Got a set of non boost 29er wheels you want to use?  No Problem there will be drop outs available for non boost geared or single speed wheels also.

Both R and D spec bikes are sub $2000 so a very affordable addition to the quiver.

If you want one, don’t think too long about it, Santa Cruz have made only a short initial production run, with most of the bikes already pre-ordered by dealers.


We have two, so if you want to see one in the flesh the first one is getting built today.

Watch for the “In The Rack Today”  shots as we assemble.

You could be the first person in the country outside the factory to ride one of these ….


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