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We like surveys, particularly when the the results are based on rider input.

Singletracks recently did a Top Ten Enduro and All Mountain bikes of 2017.

Singletracks Top Ten Survey

The results include 11 of bikes from the usual suspects (there was a tie for 10th spot), but has some very interesting results.

  1.  3 companies have two bikes in the result Trek, Yeti and Santa Cruz
  2.  2 companies are consumer direct with no real dealer network
  3.  Of the 11 bikes mentioned 5 are available from Unrealcycles
  4.  Santa Cruz gets two bikes in the top 3 without a mention of its latest All Mountain slayer the Hightower LT which begs the question could it have been a clean sweep had the survey been done later in the year (Hightower LT only hit the trails in July).

Want to know why Santa Cruz, Yeti and Pivot get bikes on this list?  Call in to Unrealcycles grab a beer and lets talk.

Do you agree with the results?

Is there another obvious bike missing from this list?

For the full story click here


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