One bike to rule them all …

In recent times bicycle brands have put great effort into honing 29″ geometry to create bikes that have become Swiss army knife like quiver killers,  the single bike to rule all bikes.

The one bike to rule them all

The idea that all you need to own now is one bike that can do virtually everything you want to do has become the mantra for frame and suspension designers throughout the industry.

Santa Cruz had the Hightower, a very strong candidate for that title.  Not content with having one, they promised a better option, more finely tuned and more versatile to the broad reaching demands of a single bike to conquer all.

The cycling world held its breath, then shazam , the Hightower LT was released into the wild.

Vital MTB have done a long term  test on this bike and what makes this an interesting read is that fact that they played with the build, changing out stock build parts for performance seeking alternatives, the results of which are not completely as expected

Read the full article here

Want to see one in the flesh?

Santa Cruz: Hightower LT custom build
Santa Cruz: Hightower LT custom build

Swing by and check out the 2018 Hightower LT


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