Getting Back Up When You Fall

Kyle fall


In our sport crashes are inevitable, it’s not a matter of “IF” but a matter of “when” and when that time comes we need to know how and when to pick ourselves back up.

I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve had some good crashes some worse than others and I’ve learned that it’s the small ones that will get you… At least in this case. No, I didn’t crash jumping the doubles on Marty’s on Mt.Ashland or hitting the rock drop on granite; I crashed going around a corner of all places ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. In doing I managed to land directly on my right side with my shoulder being sandwiched between my head and the ground.

Upon first impact nothing really hurt that stuck out, as a matter of fact I rode the rest of the day and all of the next day. But just a few days after that I knew I wasn’t feeling right. I couldn’t lift my arm over my head, pick up a water bottle or even adjust the mirror in my truck. Crashing sucks. It’s been 4 weeks now and I’m still not 100%, staying motivated to stay in riding and racing shape is hard considering I can’t do half the work I could before. I just recently got so bummed out that I even thought about selling my bike as it was just sitting looking as sad as I do not being out on the trail.

But, it’s not a matter of how you fall but on how you get back up that counts. Through the emotional and psychical pain I’ve managed to stay in the gym, I’ve had to dig deep know that I wanted to be better than I ever was before to prove that I can do it. It’s not easy but nothing worth doing ever is, right?

If you’re ever down and out, lift your head up and pedal through. It’s worth it, don’t ever give up on whatever you had your mind set to do. Dog deep; the light at the end of the tunnel is so worth it.

I’ll be back on the bike soon enough, giving it 100% for those who can’t. I hope to see you out soon!


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