Northstar : Zephyr Opening Day

Roads trips are always good, especially when they involve a bikes.  The first long haul trip of the year was to the season opening of the upper mountain at Northstar in Tahoe, California.  The take up for this trip was a bit low but if there is a driver and a passenger then its on.

6am Start and we hit the road to NorCal.  Down through the “Villes” briefly into Nevada, then California and directly to the resort.

Time to Unload

With the parking lot IPA tasting session over its time to hit the lift, or so we thought.

A mechanical with the Hightower meant the bike was back to the van for an early bath, and the rental shop got to rent a Scott Gambler for the weekend.

Also XXL helmets don’t appear to be easy to rent, so the purchase of new Fox helmet was deemed necessary for safety reasons ..

All smiles, we’re ready

Seems that unexpected spending does not curb enthusiasm for the trails.


With the conditions near perfect, it was off the gondola and onto the lift to trail riding heaven.

Everything is on the UP

Even the bikes made it.

Follow the leader

We hit the trails all afternoon, till the lifts closed at 5pm.  The following day it was rinse and repeat.


Where are the action shots you ask?  Well if you have ever been to trails like these you know that you don’t waste time stopping mid trail to take pictures!!

The trail system is in great shape and favorites were picked and ridden multiple times.

Parking lot test

There were no mechanicals, no injuries apart from bruised egos and with aching limbs and joints, the weekend was over.

This way out
Tired and dirty

With riding done, there was time for pizza and beer.

Then back on the road and home.

Good times, good company


Don’t miss the next trip to Alsea Falls June 24th :  Book here


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