Santa Cruz 2017 Demo Day

Event start time: May 21, 2017, 8:00 am
Event end time: May 21, 2017, 5:00 pm
Event Venue: 42.328851, -123.008869

Full day of 2017 Santa Cruz Demo Bikes.

Bikes Available to demo:

5010 : All sizes

Bronson : All sizes

Hightower : All sizes

Tallboy : All sizes

If you’re in the market for a new bicycle there is no better opportunity to ride the different Santa Cruz models on local trails you’re familiar with and make the decision which best suits you.  There will be riders with trail knowledge available to guide if you are unfamiliar with the trail network.

There will be a $20 booking fee. This is not a money making exercise, its simply to try to discourage no shows which tie up bikes that could be ridden by someone else. The $20 fee is fully refundable if you purchase any bike through the store (not necessarily a Santa Cruz)

The fees collected for pre-booking will be donated to RVMBA to support trail maintenance at the demo venue.

You do not have to pre-book a bike and many people simply show up on the day. We will endeavor to get everyone on the bike they wish to try, however pre-bookings will take priority.

Hope that is all clear, feel free to call in and discuss options before the date. (Bikes are be booked out already)

The event will stage at Red Rock from 8am, see the map below for directions.  Bring your pedals.


  1. Select a bike you’d like to ride.
  2. Select May 21st 2017 from the calendar. – Pay attention to the color key below the calendar to explain booking status of that bike.
  3. Select a preferred time slot
  4. Fill out the additional details section with your rider weight and any other information you’d like us to have to set the bike up for you to ride.
  5. Submit your booking

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