In The Rack

Since opening the store in 2014, we started a ritual of taking a photograph of the bikes we built.  The “In The Rack Today” shot was born.  As the majority of bikes we assemble have some element of customization this gallery helps to demonstrate both our passion and our legacy.

18 Pivot : Shuttle2018 Yeti SB4.5c XTSanta Cruz: Hightower LT custom build17 Hightower custom buildJuliana Furtado C RSanta Cruz 5010 ATallBoy CC X01 EnvePivot Mach 5.5Devinci DixonSanta Cruz Bronson CCSanta Cruz Alu NomadYeti 4.5c TurqScott Voltage 12Juliana FurtadoSanta Cruz : Hightower C SYeti : SB 5PlusSanta Cruz : Hightower C S PlusYeti SB45c2017 Chameleon PlusSB6 Turq X01 EagleSanta Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 3Santa Cruz Bicycles Tallboy 3 C S+Grammo-Bici ParuIn The Rack Today : Santa Cruz Bicycles Nomad CCScott Big EdSanta Cruz HightowerSanta Cruz HightowerOrange FiveYeti SB6Santa Cruz HecklerSanta Cruz Bronson 2Yeti SB66Juliana RoubionSanta Cruz SuperlightGrammo Bici HakaSanta Cruz BronsonSanta Cruz Tallboy 3Santa Cruz Bronson 2Yeti SB5.5Scott Spark 750Grammo Bici Toa TiSanta Cruz Hightower CCSanta Cruz HighballYeti SB6Scott Genius 720 PlusGrammo Bici ToaYeti ASRSanta Cruz 5010Santa Cruz 5010Santa Cruz Tallboy 3 CSanta Cruz Superlight DSanta Cruz Bronson C R